Missing files in the varnish 1.0.3 release

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at linpro.no
Wed Feb 21 14:21:55 CET 2007

* Matthias Saou
> It seems that 1.0.3 has finally been made with "make dist",
> unfortunately, both "etc" and "redhat" directories are missing from the
> EXTRA_DIST line of Makefile.am, thus weren't included in the released
> tarball.
> Was this intentional? The "etc" directory contained the example
> vcl.conf which was quite useful to have.

I can't speak for the main release, but I'll roll RPMS of 1.0.3 "real
soon now". The files should be available from svn anyhow.

By the way, does this mean that varnish is going into the rpmforge repos?


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