Missing files in the varnish 1.0.3 release

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Wed Feb 21 14:40:29 CET 2007

Ingvar Hagelund wrote :

> * Matthias Saou
> > It seems that 1.0.3 has finally been made with "make dist",
> > unfortunately, both "etc" and "redhat" directories are missing from the
> > EXTRA_DIST line of Makefile.am, thus weren't included in the released
> > tarball.
> > 
> > Was this intentional? The "etc" directory contained the example
> > vcl.conf which was quite useful to have.
> I can't speak for the main release, but I'll roll RPMS of 1.0.3 "real
> soon now". The files should be available from svn anyhow.

Yeah, the "redhat" files aren't that useful for typical end-users, it's
for the example vcl.conf that it's more or a problem.

> By the way, does this mean that varnish is going into the rpmforge repos?

Eventually. I saw that the redhat/TODO file contained "Add the package
to Fedora Extras", so I guess you've already thought about publishing
packages for a wider audience, right? ;-)

But for me there are currently some quite major issues :
- Varnish doesn't "work well" on 32bit architectures (ouch!), see #85.
- Varnish isn't "reliable", see #67, #70 and #87.
- Varnish requires a C compiler at runtime... design decision, sure, but
  opinions about this are quite mixed, and I know this won't help get
  varnish into Fedora.

Last night, I had varnish crash twice on me. Not just the worker child
dying and another one being spawned, but a real nasty crash with no more
varnishd processes left running and nothing whatsoever on the console
where I had launched it with -d -d (this was with varnish svn trunk, so
pretty much 1.0.3, I think).
This was on 64bit RHEL4, 1G storage file, pushing 50 to 150Mbps.

I really think varnish has a huge potential, but I still find it quite
rough around the edges. I'd really like to have :
- Useful logging of critical errors like "Too many open files" or
"Worker child died, spawning a new one" etc.
- A rock solid handling of memory allocation to avoid the issues
mentioned above, which seem to occur when memory allocation fails
(cache full? max addressable memory all used? ...).

Keep up the great work :-)


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