Missing files in the varnish 1.0.3 release

Kenneth Rørvik Kenneth.Rorvik at hio.no
Wed Feb 21 14:53:16 CET 2007

Matthias Saou wrote:

> But for me there are currently some quite major issues :
> - Varnish doesn't "work well" on 32bit architectures (ouch!), see #85.
> - Varnish isn't "reliable", see #67, #70 and #87.
> - Varnish requires a C compiler at runtime... design decision, sure, but
>   opinions about this are quite mixed, and I know this won't help get
>   varnish into Fedora.
> Last night, I had varnish crash twice on me. Not just the worker child
> dying and another one being spawned, but a real nasty crash with no more
> varnishd processes left running and nothing whatsoever on the console
> where I had launched it with -d -d (this was with varnish svn trunk, so
> pretty much 1.0.3, I think).
> This was on 64bit RHEL4, 1G storage file, pushing 50 to 150Mbps.

Hmm. I am currently running on the same system, though 64 bit, same 
storage file size, at an average network throughput of around only 1Mbps 
though. It's on a gigabit link though, so peaks can be much,much higher. 
The slashdot crowd is fortunately not interested though... ;)

I've been running for around five weeks, and in that period had one 
incident where varnish suddenly started dropping all incoming for some 
hours. Since then (restart after update to svn code), it's been running 
quite smoothly with a couple of similar (but much shorter) glitches.

I'm running svn code though, not the standard RH rpm, since that one 
crashed more frequently than useful "live".

Anyway, much looking forward to later versions, looking OK so far, with 
promising plans. Will stay tuned ;)

Kenneth Rørvik, IT HiO
Tlf 22 45 20 83
Kenneth.Rorvik at hio.no

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