Moving a redirect from backend to varnish

Kenneth Rørvik Kenneth.Rorvik at
Wed Jan 17 10:54:41 CET 2007

Eirik Øverby wrote:

> I'm not going to solve your problem here, but I have a question: Why are 
> you using a permanent redirect here?? It is, from my understanding, not 
> at all a permanent redirect, it's a conditional one -- and you have no 
> intention to blocking access to the / page from internal users; you just 
> want them to get there following a link somewhere in the hive.
>  From my limited knowledge of HTTP, the way you are doing it here should 
> be causing trouble with browsers who do what they are allowed to - i.e. 
> cache the redirect (as the browser will never see any of the conditions 
> anyway). Not to mention all the caches you could be poisoning, if you 
> have any such internally (and with hio having a presumably rather large 
> network, I wouldn't automatically assume that your cache would be the 
> only one, authorized or not).

Hmm, thinking about this, the client IS getting a http 301 and a correct 
URL for subsequent use, so I don't think this would be poisoning caches?

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