Mac and regular expressions

Martin Aspeli optilude at
Thu Jul 5 16:09:58 CEST 2007

> > Neither do I, but we're basing this on an assumption (which may or may
> > not be correct) about the OS X regex implementation. If you can
> > identify any points in the code where I could apply some hypothetical
> > patch/change or add debug info that may at least help prove or
> > disprove that theory. It may well be that this is an issue that
> > affects other platforms as well.
> There are other issues as well.  Varnish likely runs the compiler with
> the wrong flags (why on earth couldn't Apple keep gcc's command-line
> syntax when they adopted it as their system compiler?), and for some
> reason configure doesn't correctly detect the absence of strndup() and
> enable the compat implementation.  Not to mention the clock_gettime()
> issue, which will surely come back to bite us at some point...

That's a shame. So what we're saying is that Varnish at this point
doesn't really support Mac OS X, and won't unless someone donates a
Mac to the core developers?

Perhaps we could start some kind of pledge? The Plone community
basically bought the developer of poEdit a Mac via so
that he'd port poEdit to OS X. There's a lot of interest in Varnish
from the Plone community (since Squid scares me senseless), and a lot
of Plone developers use Macs, so we may be able to achieve something
similar if there's a commitment from the core Varnish developers to
support OS X in return for a Mac.


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