Small varnish 1.1 test with openrealty and joomla.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Tue Jul 31 08:09:53 CEST 2007

eculp at writes:
> sub vcl_fetch {
>     if (obj.http.Set-Cookie) {
>         insert;
>     }
> }

You should strip the Set-Cookie header before inserting the object into
the cache:

sub vcl_fetch {
    if (obj.http.Set-Cookie) {
        remove obj.http.Set-Cookie;

(the "insert" is implicit)

> 1.  Is the above the best way to cache dynamically generated CMS
> pages?

It depends on the CMS, really :)

> 2.  I am running it without vhosts.  I have tried and cannot get vhosts
>     to work.  The only thing that I've found that might work would be
>     the vcl routines for multiple vhost backends from the vcl man page:
>        The following example shows how to support multiple sites
>        running on separate backends in the same Varnish instance,
>        by selecting backends based on the request URL.
>     but that seems to be overkill.  What is the recommended way to
>     handle apache virtual hosts?

The example you mention illustrates how to cache multiple virtual hosts
served by *separate* backends.  If all your virtual hosts are on the
same backend, you shouldn't need to do anything.

> 3.  I'm also running eaccelerator for php.  Is that a good idea?

I'm not familiar with eAccelerator.  If it's a byte-code cache, it will
help speed up cache misses.  If it only caches finished pages, it's
probably redundant but not harmful.

> 4.  Is there additional documentation on initial set up?  The manuals
>     seem to be pretty good, they have gotten me this far.

I keep intending to write more documentation, but like everyone else's
my days only have 24 hours :)

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