Varnish as web page cache for dynamic content

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Wed Jun 20 15:34:07 CEST 2007

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>I'm totally new to Varnish and working for the largest IT news portal in
>Scandinavia. We're looking to replacing our current server side page
>cache environment with a hardware solution (such as Netapp NetCache
>for example). Now would this be possible to do maybe with Varnish instead?
>So I don't want to use Varnish for client proxy anyhow, just website
>content cache/acceleration and if possible also distribution for
>streaming media (webtv)..

That's exactly what Varnish is built for :-)

Dag-Erling and I talked briefly about real-time streaming apps yesterday
and I think I can say definitively, that it is at earliest a v3 feature,
if we do it at all.

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