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Sat Mar 31 11:48:32 CEST 2007

----- Olivier Dobberkau <olivier.dobberkau at> wrote:
> As far as i understood varnish can bei used in different setups:
> A) On a single Server. Listening on Port 80 forwarding to localhost on
> a special port.
> B) On a server forwarding to different backends.

You can make varnish listen on any port you want really, but port 80 will obviously be the right one for most cases.
Varnish can forward to any number of backends, be it localhost or any other server (doesn't matter too much for Varnish).

In my case we have two varnish front end servers that each hand off requests to one of two backend servers. (The reason for having two varnish servers is simply fail-over considerations, from my observations one of them could easily handle all of the load by itself.)

> My Question, as I did not really understand the vcl conf stuff, can
> someone post his vcl conf with some more explanations for one of the
> mentioned szenarios.

Maybe it would be better if you asked questions about the things you do not understand? Our config is mainly the normal config, add the backend block, and some specific exceptions for site urls we are sure we do not want cached in any way.

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