Cache parts of pages?

David Pratt fairwinds at
Wed Oct 24 18:41:28 CEST 2007

Hi Kai. I believe you may be able to do this with nginx ssi together 
with memcached.


Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> Our web site has a navigation bar on every page with a picture of the
> day in it.  Let's say that most pages never change after being created,
> except for the navigation bar.
> Is it possible to use Varnish in such a way that the "meat" of every
> page is cached separately from the navbar, and on every request the
> navbar is merged into the "meat" of the page just prior to delivery?
> Idea: Have Apache deliver a page with server side include instructions
> in it (to include the navbar).  Then have Varnish cache those pages.
> Have another Apache in front of Varnish that interprets the SSI
> instructions.  I have no idea how to configure the second Apache,
> though.  Furthermore, this is very kludgy.  But I hope it illustrates
> what I want.
> Ideas?
> Kai
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