Connections on the varnishbox

Eivind Bengtsson ebe at
Thu Oct 25 13:07:44 CEST 2007


How many open TCP-connections can a standard linuxbox 64bit 2.6.17 
kernel - GB ethernet interface...
When is it okay for me to start worrying?
1000 connections, 2000, 3 ?

as it is now my box says :
root at varnish0:/var/log/varnish# 
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_connections -w 1000 -c 1500
CONNECTIONS OK: 799 connections | TOTAL=799;1000;1500;; 
TIME_WAIT=449;;;; FIN_WAIT=94;;;; LAST_ACK=3;;;; ESTABLISHED=197;;;; 
SYN_RECV=45;;;; LISTEN=11;;;;

Varnish takas 4 % of the cpu and 1.5 GB of the 2 GB physical memory..
The backends are not at all under stress :-)

Shall I just wait for problems or do you guys have experince in the 
number of connections ??
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echo 'This is not a pipe.' | cat -> /dev/tty

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