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Fri Sep 21 10:22:12 CEST 2007

In message <20070921080551.GB22366 at>, Trond Michelsen writes:

>In particular, we're wondering when:
>   Client connections accepted

	This is increased when we have accepted the connection.
	On systems with accept-filters this does usually not happen
	until we have also received the first request.

>   Client requests received

	This is increased whenever we have complete request and starts
	to service it.

>The reason I ask, is that we have some backends that are unable to
>handle the traffic if there are a lot of cache misses. This will
>result in a lot of hanging requests. At the moment, we're rejecting
>all the requests to these backends. However, if we turn it back on,
>connections and requests decreases to less than 1/5 of what it was
>So basically, I'm wondering if this indicates that there's a
>congestion in our network, or if it's just a natural consequence of
>the requests taking longer to handle?

I'm not sure I can answer that based on the information you have

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