Samuel.Martin at ac-nantes.fr Samuel.Martin at ac-nantes.fr
Mon Sep 24 17:57:58 CEST 2007


My configuration :
I've a apache server with the mod proxy activated listening in the port 80 and redirect to 9080 where my plone site listen.

And i know that varnish is the best solution to cache
How integrated varnish in this achitecture ? (What port must listen varnish in my architecture? How specify to apache to cache with varnish? ...)

I begin to install varnish with the source but i've some problem to understand how implemented all this technologies (i'm french and ...)

Thanks for your answer
(i've read architect note and i'm beginning to read the man and other doc but au user guide will be so useful)
long life to varnish it will be a standard...

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