Ads, Analytics and cookies...

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Fri Aug 8 21:20:19 CEST 2008

Okay, well, I thought I was doing the cache friendly thing by moving my 
poll only cookie to the /poll/ path (Re: Ignoring cookies except for one 

That worked, but after checking out my cookies in Firefox, I see that 
Google Analytics and the Openx Ad server toss a bunch of cookies in '/' 
for my domain. So of course a cookie is attached to each page, image, 
javascript and CSS file.

Since I assume that some of the main sites in need of Varnish would be 
the high-traffic, digg-friendly, ad-supported, Analtyics-using sites 
what's the way around this?

 From what I've been reading I can use the VCL rules to strip the 
cookies off the static stuff like .css and .jpg, and .js...but what 
about the dynamically-created pages?

And how do I know where cookie stripping might hurt ad delivery?

I didn't see anything about dealing with ad servers in the FAQ, so I 
thought I'd ask.

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