Ads, Analytics and cookies...

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Sat Aug 9 00:03:35 CEST 2008

Jorge Nerín wrote:

 >But the parsing code is a javascript included in your page but (this 
is >important) served by their servers, so it can never be cached by 
 >varnish because the client browser ask for it directly to the third 
 >party servers.

Two problems...

1) The OpenX ad server is a server you run ON YOUR OWN SITE, so even 
though the ads may be coming from another network (setting its own 
cookies) the OpenX server cookies are generated by your own domain and 
not by a third party server. It's used by sites who want to sell ads 
directly or geotarget certain ad networks to say North American or EU 
visitors. As I'm reading more about cookies today, I'm assuming having a 
CNAME of, say, an "ads" subdomain would keep the cookies off the "www." 
stuff. I'll have to check with the OpenX people.

2) The Google Analytics cookies code also sets cookies on your own domain.

Reading more about cookies today than I have in the decade of my site. 
I'm a writer/photographer who has to toss on the sysadmin hat every few 
days. :-)

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