Varnish Errata 2008-08-19 #292 r3110

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Tue Aug 19 22:09:28 CEST 2008

In response to a bug with particularly nasty effects, I have created a
new wiki page:

I have not defined a specific official policy for this page, but
the intent is that the page will be used as a clearing-house for
"ohh-shit!" kind of stuff, so that people do not have to trawl the
mailing list archives to learn about it.

In addition, I will also post the entries here on varnish-misc, so
that you do not have to check that wikipage every hour.

Our first entry:

    2008-08-19 Wrong headers can be sent to backend

	* Ticket: #292
	* Fixed in: r3110
	* Releases affected: All 1.x, 2.0-tp1, 2.0-tp2 

    If the client sends a Connection: header and the VCL code deletes
    one or more HTTP headers, the wrong set of headers may be sent
    to the backend.

    The typical result is that the next header after the one listed
    in Connection: is deleted, but depending on the exact headers,
    more complex behaviour can arise, for instance if the Host:
    header is deleted this way.

Sorry about that...


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