varnish inside openvz: memory usage issue

Isaac Grant isaac.z.grant at
Thu Aug 28 02:18:50 CEST 2008


I'm running varnish inside an openvz's container.

Recently, I started to see problems with varnish using all available memory.
It began to happen when we started delivering bigger files: videos (10 to

Inside a virtual machine having a total 4GB of virtual memory, varnish will
eat all memory in less than one hour, at 20-30 req/s.

When all memory is used by varnishd, it stops to deliver content. No more
process can fork, the only solution is to kill varnishd from outside the

I use version 1.1.2 and tried 2.0-tp2 with similar result.

I tested with a malloc and file storage, same result again.

I (think I) understand the varnish's design, but should varnish eat ALL the
memory like that ?
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