varnish inside openvz: memory usage issue

Per Buer perbu at
Thu Aug 28 10:28:42 CEST 2008

Isaac Grant skrev:
> (..)
> I (think I) understand the varnish's design, but should varnish eat ALL
> the memory like that ?

Varnish uses the VM to differentiate between what's cached in memory and
what is put on disk. If the VM doesn't have any other use for the memory
it will give it to varnish.

The problem is that you are running VM inside a box (the openvz
container) which artificially limits the memory usage. If this was a
sane VM it would probably page out a lot of Varnish cache and not run out.

I guess this is a bug or a weakness of openvz, first and foremost. You
could work around the problem by limiting the cache size.

I don't think you will encounter the same problem with Xen or any other
virtualization solution where you have a separate VM for your VPS.


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