Varnish performance tests

Per Buer perbu at
Mon Dec 8 18:03:43 CET 2008

Rebert Luc wrote:
> Hello,
> In our studies we have a project which consists in testing the 
> performance of Varnish in order to make a comparative with and without 
> the proxy cache.
> Does anyone know which utilities to employ ? (knowing that the aim is to 
> justify our tests)

You could have a look at varnishreplay to "replay" earlier recorded 
varnishlogs. If you also want to synthesize traffic you could also check 
out siege and curl-loader.

If you have a high hitrate in your cache you'll most likely end up 
benchmarking the tools rather then varnish. I think I measured siege to 
be ~3x slower then varnish.

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