Locating source of errors to clients

Alex Davies alex at davz.net
Wed Dec 17 00:07:04 CET 2008

Hi All,

I've setup a custom "sub vcl_error {" in my vcl file, and 1-2% of all
requests are getting this error page for reasons that I dont entirely

Running  varnishlog -i Error and  varnishlog -i HttpError returns nothing
even when visitors are getting this error. Am I using the wrong tag?

Unfortunately, this is a busy site (thousands of req a second) so
varnishlog on its own isnt much use to me!

What should I put inside sub vcl_error to print out a more interesting error
detail that might help me find the problem? Is there any way to use the
request ID to look at logs back in time, without running varnishlog and
piping the log output to disk constantly?

Many thanks,


Alex Davies

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