Articles regarding Varnish, VCL and ESI

Jason Kuri jayk at
Wed Dec 17 18:24:21 CET 2008

Hi All,

Been lurking on the list for awhile, I've been playing with Varnish
for some time also.  I'm very involved with the Catalyst community and
recently wrote a pair of articles that might be of interest to the
folks on the varnish list so I wanted to send them on. Both are
oriented towards Catalyst developers, but they also contain a lot of
info that is not specific to Catalyst.

They are:

"Making Catalyst Sites Shine with Varnish"  - includes an in-depth
exploration of VCL


"Site Building Hotness with Edge Side Includes"  - which covers the
benefits of using ESI and includes my JS based ESI parser that is
useful for developing ESI sites when you aren't behind Varnish.

Hope they are of use,


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