Articles regarding Varnish, VCL and ESI

Jason Kuri jayk at
Thu Dec 18 02:41:56 CET 2008

>> "Making Catalyst Sites Shine with Varnish"  - includes an in-depth
>> exploration of VCL
> This is a great introduction to VCL - I'm quite certain I'll be
> directing
> newbies to it in the future for a gentle introduction.
	Thanks.  Glad to hear it will be useful.

>> "Site Building Hotness with Edge Side Includes"  - which covers the
>> benefits of using ESI and includes my JS based ESI parser that is
>> useful for developing ESI sites when you aren't behind Varnish.
> I am especially excited about the JS ESI parser - the concept is an
> excellent one and it directly addresses an otherwise difficult
> problem -
> kudos to you, I'll be giving it a spin shortly.
	Thanks again. :-)  it works very well for me.

> This whole second article in particular is excellent and very timely
> for
> me, as I have been thinking about using Varnish's ESI support for a
> new
> project I am working on. Currently my strategy for low-overhead
> dynamic
> pages revolves around just-in-time ajax. I am definitely inspired
> now to
> give it a crack in ESI instead.

*nod*  One of the side advantages of using ESI is that your content
blocks are already factored out and accessible directly, which makes
it easy to load in ESI, and then reload dynamically using ajax later.

> Thank you very much for this indeed.
No worries.  :-)


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