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>(1) Feature request: Can a knob be added to turn down the verbosity of
>Varnish logging?  Right now on a quad-core Xeon we can service about
>14k conn/s, which is good, but I wonder whether we could eke out even
>more performance by quelling information that we don't need to log.

The shared memory log is practically free, the trick is to only
pick the stuff out of it that you need to store on disk.

>(2) HTTP/1.1 keep-alive connection reuse:  Does Varnish have the
>ability to reuse origin server connections (assuming they are HTTP/1.1
>Keep-Alive connections)?  Or, is there a strict 1:1 mapping between
>client-proxy connections and proxy-origin server connections?

They should already be reused by default.

>(3) Feature request: Request hashing.  It would be really cool if
>Varnish were able to select the origin server (in reality another
>Varnish proxy) by hashing the Request URI.  Having this ability would
>improve the cache hit ratio overall where a pool of caching proxies is

We have sort of given up on the peer-to-peer cache fetches using
dedicated protocols, but if you are able to tell that another
varnish is a better place to pick up something, nothing prevents
you from making that a backend of this varnish and doing
a pass on the request.

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