VCL purge

André Øien Langvand andre at
Fri Feb 29 12:20:05 CET 2008


What I want is when a client sends e.g Pragma: no-cache, I want warnish
to fetch from backend and insert, not only do a pass.

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André Øien Langvand wrote:
> Hi,
> A few days ago, DES wrote the following in reply to another mail:
>>> If the point of this is to allow the client to Shift-Reload, you
>>> should purge the URL to force a reload from the backend, instead of
>>> piping the request.
> And the question is, how can I do this? I'm having problems figuring out
> what the purge_hash() needs to look like. I guess being allowed to use
> purge_hash(req.hash) would be the easiest, but that doesn't work. I've
> tried to use several combinations of req.url and, but
> can't find a working one. purge_hash() is needed because of virtual hosts.

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