varnish on flash drives

Rob Tucker rob.g.tucker at
Sat Jan 19 22:14:22 CET 2008

I'd like to run a reverse proxy on a machine with solid state drives. The
hope is to get more queries served by utilizing high random I/O performance
(the drive I have supports about 5K requests per second of average 4KB
I'll have 16GB of RAM, 128GB of flash, and tons of CPU on the machine. The
entire 128GB of cache will be active in general.

The question is whether I should run Varnish on this hardware. SSD random
write performance is very poor, and I don't understand how Varnish replaces
objects. LRU won't be friendly to SSD. FIFO would be good enough for my
purpose. Is it possible to configure it that way?

Also, when using the flash drive as a disk, would I be guaranteed to make
exactly one read on the flash per object I fetch from it (for objects that
don't reside in the memory)?

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