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 Aldakkak" writes:

>The varnishtop displays a list of most frequent logs .... It displays 3
>columns: 1 representing the frequency , the Header & the value ...
>What does this frequenct represent ? The number of repetition of this log in
>the shared memory , for example , or what exactly ?

It's an exponential decay of the frequency of arrival if I remember
right, think of it as a "bogo-frequency".

If anybody can come up with a better method/metric, I'm all ears.

Varnishtop was just something I threw together in 15 minutes it never
got the love and attention it really deserves.

And it would make great starting point for hacking varnish code.

(he said knowingly, nude, nudge, wink, wink, ya'know what I mean ?) :-)


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