Varnish 2.01 - GETs with Grinder end up in PASS

JT Justman jt at
Tue Nov 4 16:46:19 CET 2008

Robert Ming wrote:
> Hi!
> We do load-testing with 'The Grinder' vers. 3.1 on Varnish in front
> of several Plone3 instances. The tests worked out fine with Varnish
> 2.0 beta. Now with version 2.01 we have the following issue: 
> Executing any GET with the Testing-Framework results always in a PASS
> in Varnish. As a consequence all subsequent requests with the same
> url end up in cache hits for pass, that's not what we like to test.
> Requesting the same urls "manually", say with firefox or ie are first
> LOOKUPed and afterwards cached, the behaviour we would like to test.
> Trying different ways to get around this "PASSing"-issue we came to
> the conclusion that it is not a grinder problem, because a simple GET
> done with the python httplib.HTTPConnection had the same effect.
> Any comments, solutions, enlightments on this issue are appreciated.

Post your vcl? Have you looked at the logs?

jt at

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