ESI works in IE6 & curl, but not in FF, Opera, Konqueror

Torstein Krause Johansen torstein at
Thu Nov 13 13:12:47 CET 2008

Hi JT,

JT Justman wrote:
> We have a client who is interested in ESI and also requires gzip (as I
> think most would), and we've been working on it on the back burner for a
> while. Faster work from us depends on the client's priorities. It's not
> a trivial undertaking, but I have at least got to the point of
> understanding the ESI request flow enough to guess where the encoding
> should probably be performed.
> See here for links to two bugs discussing the issue:

thanks for the additional info regarding the ESI/gzip issue.

Although it would be grand if Varnish supports gzip nativelly, currently 
I don't see a big problem of putting the Apache infront of Varnish 
instead of behind it. Hopefully we'll get the desired effect then.



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