round-robin director

Michael Moyle michael at
Wed Nov 19 12:29:13 CET 2008


Thanks again.

> I can't see any health checks in your logs - are you sure the probes are
> set up alright? Could you show us your config?  Also, which version of
> Varnish are you using?

I just realized today that 2.0.2 has been released. I installed 2.0.2
and it fixed the problem ( I was testing with 2.0.1 and 2.0 beta
before). With 2.0.2 round robin now chooses different hosts as
expected. I must have checked for the latest version just before the
page was updated. I should have included the version info in my
original post.

Is it possible that the fix to the random director in this release
fixed round-robin as well?

In addition I will note that round-robin load balance selects
different hosts on our top page as desired. After a session cookie is
issued it stuck with one host (sticky session) which is what we want.
I could not find any varnish docs on this and was concerned sticky
session was not implemented. I even found some posts on this list
suggesting that it was not there and would need to be implemented in
the vcl. However it appears to work fine out of the box. Can you (or
anyone) confirm that sticky session is implemented?

> You'll can see the health checking (without all the other stuff) with:
> $varnishlog -i Backend_health

Great tip! Thanks.


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