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Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Thu Nov 20 11:15:56 CET 2008

]] "Michael Moyle" 

| Is it possible that the fix to the random director in this release
| fixed round-robin as well?

No, it only affected the random director.

| In addition I will note that round-robin load balance selects
| different hosts on our top page as desired. After a session cookie is
| issued it stuck with one host (sticky session) which is what we want.
| I could not find any varnish docs on this and was concerned sticky
| session was not implemented. I even found some posts on this list
| suggesting that it was not there and would need to be implemented in
| the vcl. However it appears to work fine out of the box. Can you (or
| anyone) confirm that sticky session is implemented?

I am fairly sure we have not implemented sticky sessions, so I am not
sure why you are seeing this behaviour.

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