Guru Meditation error

Mhairi Marshall m.marshall at
Fri Oct 24 03:41:34 CEST 2008


I have upgraded to varnish 2.0.1 and got the error again.

0         0.00         0.00 Backend connections not attempted
0         0.00         0.00 Backend connections too many
6         0.00         0.00 Backend connections failures
244         0.00         0.00 Backend connections reuses
246         0.00         0.00 Backend connections recycles
0         0.00         0.00 Backend connections unused

It seems to be worse in the morning when the website hasn't been used
overnight. Our network guys say it is an application problem as the
application needs to send keep alives.



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Mhairi Marshall skrev:
> I have been getting the Guru Meditation when using varnish (version
> 1.1.2) cache for Plone sites. I have seen from the mailing list that
> some people have been having the same problem but haven't seen any
> solutions posted.
> Is there any configuration for varnish or apache that will stop this
> error from happening?

Its hard to say without any more information. Anyway, you should really
upgrade to Varnish 2.0.1 (or 2.0.2 if its out). Varnish 2 is much more

This might be because Plone sometimes misbehavies - but try an upgrade
and get back to us if you're still having trouble.

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