Happy 3 year Birthday Varnish

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Jan 5 09:58:50 CET 2009

Thanks to email archives, future historians will have an easy task,
provided they know what to grep for.

They will know that Varnish was discussed at the EuroBSDcon in Basel
in November 2005 and that the first meeting was held, not on 25th
of januaray 2006 as planned, but on 2nd of february instead, due
to the SAS personel strike.

There could however, be disagreement if Dag-Erlings initial creation
of the subversion tree structure on 1st of february, the meeting
at VG's downtown Oslo office, my email with architectural thoughts
from the 9th of february or the blackboard in Basel counts as the
official birtday of the project.

So for the email record, let me state that the official birth of
the project was New Years morning 2006, where I finally made up
my mind that this could be a fun thing to work on.

In other words, Varnish was three years old four days ago and I'm
quite happy with the progress our toddler is showing.

I promised to drop an email every so often to keep people in
the loop so you know what to expect for the next half year or so.

Before X-mas I added a new lookup algorithm called "critbit"
which hopefully will address some of the performance/memory 
shortcomings of the "classic hash" lookup.

Once we are happy with the stability of it, we will probably
roll another 2.0.x release, before I start to tear up the
tree for the big ticket item: persistent storage.

We hope to have a 2.1 release with you in early summer and the
major ticket item there is persistent storage, ie: not loosing
your cached content when varnish restarts.

There will probably also be a Web UI/management console application
in that release

As always we will try to hold the buglist in check, it has been
growing a bit over the x-mas holiday, but it will get due attention
now that we're back in the saddle.

On a personal note: some of you found my wishlist on amazon.com
and brigthened up my X-mas, thanks a lot, always appreciated :-)

Happy New Year everybody!

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