Varnish Auth Sessions (vBulletin)

Scott McCullough zredsox at
Wed Jan 7 20:03:41 CET 2009

I run a vbulletin site with a lighttpd server and have been trying to
configure varnish as a front end to cache and serve dynamic pages.

I have looked through the mailing list and do not see any vBulletin specific
implementation advice. Doing google searches on the web leads me to some
information (mostly about plone) but with my limited skill set I have yet to
find a workable solution.

( I have successfully been able to get it to just cache images, css and

However, It would seem I am only able to get varnish to work in two modes
when it comes to php pages: Cache Everything, or Cache Nothing

I have tried using both:

sub vcl_recv {

     if (req.http.Authenticate || req.http.Authorization) {


sub vcl_fetch {

      if (req.http.Authorization && !obj.http.Cache-Control ~ "public") {


...but it still caches authenticated sessions and all the personalized page
portions that come with those sessions.

As an anonymous user heading to my site you are immediately presented with
the cookies - bblastvisit, bblastactivity, _utma, utmb, _utmc, utmcsr (and
Ad cookies; google analytics cookies) - so everyone gets a cookie for
everything but there are no special cookies for logged in users (unless they
choose persistent login which would add bbpassword and bbuserid.)

I have played around with:

unset req.http.Cookie;

...but I don't properly grasp how to use it in conjunction with the cookies
in play.

Any help or redirection would be appreciated.

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