Varnish Auth Sessions (vBulletin)

Scott McCullough zredsox at
Thu Jan 8 02:56:57 CET 2009

I ended up resolving my own issue with a little help from the irc channel.

In case anyone else is looking for a duck tape solution...

I created my own cookie (auth_user) that executes in the login.php under the
"start do login" post request

$value = 'access';
setcookie("auth_user", $value);
setcookie("auth_user", $value, time()+86400);
setcookie("auth_user", $value, time()+86400, "/", "", 1);

and then in default.vcl:

sub vcl_recv {
if (req.http.cookie && req.http.cookie ~ "auth_user") {

sub vcl_hash {
if (req.http.cookie && req.http.cookie ~ "auth_user") { set req.hash +=
"auth"; }
    set req.hash += req.url;

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