AW: New munin plugin

Norman Leutner n.leutner at
Sat Jul 18 16:46:48 CEST 2009

>Kristian Lyngstol <kristian at> writes:
>> The previous plugin wasn't horribly big and it would've been more work to
>> re-factor it the way we wanted it. It simply didn't strike me that it would
>> be an issue replacing it. Or that I had to discuss it with you. 

>That seems to be the MO these days at RL.  "To hell with the other
>developers, we'll just do what we feel like; what do they know, anyway?"

>You should look up "respect" and "courtesy" in a good dictionary.

Hi DES, 

I got your point.  But I think Kristian is doing a good job here, 
even when he replaced you plugin without agreement. 

He also responded directly on my question here regarding the plugin and varnish.

I remember your comment:
>Adding new plugins to Munin is a nightmare...

I might be a good idea to let Kristian support that plugin.


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