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]] Ask Bjørn Hansen 

| I thought this might be of interest:

Yeah, I've been following it loosely for a while now.

A quick feature comparison (just based off the incubator page):

# Scalable on SMP (TS is a hybrid thread + event processor)

This might be an interesting direction to take Varnish in at some point
as slow clients are a problem for us now.  Being able to punt them off
to a pool of event-based threads would be useful.

# Extensible: TS has a feature rich plugin API

We don't have this, though you can get some of it by inlining C.
There's a proposal out for how to do it.  Whether we end up doing it
remains to be seen, though.

«We have benchmarked Traffic Server to handle in excess of 35,000 RPS on
a single box.»

I know Kristian has benchmarked Varnish to about three times that,
though with 1-byte objects, so it's not really anything resembling a
real-life scenario.  I think sky has been serving ~64k requests/s using

# Porting to more Unix flavors (currently we only support Linux)

We have this already, at least to some degree.

# Add missing features, e.g., CARP, HTCP, ESI and native IPv6

We have native ipv6 and ESI at least.  CARP and HTCP we don't.

Their code seems to be C++ (they depend on STL)

They support HTTPS, which we don't.

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