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I thoroughly disagree with this use of HTTP.  If a request makes an impact on a system, then it should use POST (eg login, pay, delete).  However, if it has no write-behaviour (other than, perhaps, logging) then it must be GET.

If you follow this, then varnish will work fine.

Can you explain more about your actions?   If you're using a processing server to build reports then GET should be fine.


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Rob Ayres wrote:

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]] Rob Ayres

| I want to cache POSTs but can't get varnish to do it, is it possible? If it

| makes it any easier, all requests through this cache will be of POST type.

No, you can't cache POSTs.  It doesn't make any sense to do so.

We have a processing server and a database server. The processing server makes its requests to the database server by means of a POST. There is enough duplication in the POST requests to have made it worth having a caching server between the two. 

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