vcl_timeout and fetch

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Fri Nov 27 10:17:36 CET 2009

grace?do you means this ?

    Grace ¶ </wiki/VCL#Grace>

If the backend takes a long time to generate an object there is a risk 
of a thread pile up. In order to prevent this you can enable grace. This 
allows varnish to serve an expired version of the object while a fresh 
object is being generated by the backend.

how can it have the prefetch function ??

? 2009-11-27 16:59, Tollef Fog Heen ??:
> ]] ll 
> | so,is there any ways to set the varnish to fetch the cache and flash it
> | automatic ? I have a webserver,it has so many pages ,I want to varnish
> | can fetch all pages one time and keep it a long time .and after the
> | ttl,it can flash it automatic .Is it some ways to accomplish this ?
> No, it's not something we support.  We considered it for a while, but
> decided against it in the end.  You might want to look at grace which
> does solve approximately the same problem most people are trying to
> solve with prefetch.
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