Handling 304 and header refresh

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I'm having a problem with a varnish caching implementation in our sites.

We have some big and heavy loaded sites, and one of the things we are
used to do, is to return a 304 from an object but with some
modifications to the object headers. This works cool with our current
caching systems (the ones that are going to be replaced with varnish).



That image never changes so our apache server will always returns 304.
In some situations we need to change one of the headers of the object
(changing the max age is one of the things we usually do).

But if we do that with varnish all our fetches after changing the
headers end up on our backbends.

Hi: I put this in my vcl.fetch and it sets max-age

I do this in vcl.fetch

  set    obj.http.cache-control = "max-age = 600";

Do you have this anywhere in your config?


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