Varnish timeout after 10 minutes

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I run 2.04, but this is default (ten minutes) - perhaps version 1 did not detect client session like version 2 does. send_timeout

send_timeout               600 [seconds]
                           Default is 600
                           Send timeout for client connections. If no data
                           has been sent to the client in this many seconds,
                           the session is closed.
                           See setsockopt(2) under SO_SNDTIMEO for more

                           NB: This parameter may take quite some time to
                           take (full) effect.

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> I deployed varnish on a webserver that also runs PHP to serve larger
> files of up to about 1GB. NOTE, I am using the stock varnish shipped
> with Debian 5, which is varnish version 1.1.2.

We (everyone agrees, right?) recommend using a newer one :)

> Is there a time limit like this in newer versions of varnish? Is there
> a workaround I can use? It seems "pass"ing these requests doesn't
> help, but "pipe"ing them appears to help. Is there a better solution
> than hardcoding "pipe"s of all requests that could take more than 10
> minutes?

Take a look at the startup option: "send_timeout"

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