Varnish timeout after 10 minutes

Ketil Froyn ketil at
Fri Oct 9 16:06:09 CEST 2009

Sorry for the private answer, Rogério.

2009/10/9 Rogério Schneider <stockrt at>:
>> I deployed varnish on a webserver that also runs PHP to serve larger
>> files of up to about 1GB. NOTE, I am using the stock varnish shipped
>> with Debian 5, which is varnish version 1.1.2.
> We (everyone agrees, right?) recommend using a newer one :)

That would be best, of course. :) But varnish isn't core business for
me, so I'm relying on distributions to keep this updated/secure.

>> Is there a time limit like this in newer versions of varnish? Is there
>> a workaround I can use? It seems "pass"ing these requests doesn't
>> help, but "pipe"ing them appears to help. Is there a better solution
>> than hardcoding "pipe"s of all requests that could take more than 10
>> minutes?
> Take a look at the startup option: "send_timeout"

Thanks. The way I read this option, it is intended to take care of the
situation where the client isn't receiving data. However, I have
confirmed that send_timeout was in fact guilty as charged, by setting
it to 300 seconds and observing that the connection was closed after 5
minutes instead of 10.

Is this fixed in varnish 2.0.4? Looked at this page:

and I'm not any wiser yet. :-)

Regards, Ketil

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