Varnish virtual memory usage

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Maybe it was a bit rough to say indeed...
My apologies for that one.

What im saying a longer time for now (also sayed to Paul by phone).
I'm simply not making enough profit for €8k, but im not saying I don’t want to pay anything for service / support.
It’s simply not within my reach and for me it's cheaper to run 6 guests in a big vmware server as paying €8K and get the problem (maybe) solved.

Anyway, this is way to offtopic for this thread.
I shared my experiences and solutions Roi can consider it as a solution for him.

Henry  Paulissen

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On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 02:57:34PM +0200, Henry Paulissen wrote:
> Opened a ticket for the problem, but the wont listen until I buy a 
> support contract (á €8K). Seems they don’t want to know there is some 
> kind of memory issue in their software.

The ticket is not closed, we have, however, not been able to reproduce this as we point out in the ticket. Until we can either reproduce this ourself or get more data (more reports of the same issue, for instance), there really isn't much we can do.

For a service agreement customer, we would most likely use their system to reproduce the issue and take it from there. You will understand if we do not log into your system for free to solve a problem which so far has been reported by two people. We do take the issue seriously, but memory leaks that only occur on a specific setup that we do not have access to is nearly impossible to track down.

We could read through and verify our code for a year and still not find the bug.

Service agreements help sponsor the development of Varnish, in return you get priority on bugs - even the ones that are difficult to track down. We do not require anyone to pay for our service agreements to use Varnish or report bugs, and we do not ignore bug reports from non-paying Varnish users.

As you may notice, we (Tollef, Poul-Henning and myself) offer a great deal of support for free on the mailing lists and on IRC, so I think it's a bit unfair to state that we do not care unless you pay for a service agreement, even if we weren't able to help in your specific case. The offer of a service agreement in the ticket was not meant to be an entry-fee to the bug tracker, but rather a means to make us prioritize a complicated bug that we would otherwise have to put on hold. I'm sorry if that didn't come across clearly.

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