varnish redundancy

Rob Ayres quasirob at
Thu Sep 3 12:41:22 CEST 2009


We are using varnish on a single server with four backend servers. This is
working very well (thanks to the varnish developers!) but we wish to add
some redundancy to the system. The obvious way is just to add another
varnish running on another server in a different datacentre. The downside to
this is that keeping two caches populated will increase the load on the
backend servers.

We do have the facility to use "backup chaining" which would allow us to use
varnish_1 and then if that goes down we would automatically failover to
varnish_2 but this would have an empty cache so a sudden and huge load would
hit the backend servers.

Does anyone have any experience or tips on using varnish in this way?


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