varnish Connection: close and IE6

Václav Bílek v.bilek at
Wed Sep 16 07:32:11 CEST 2009

Laurence Rowe napsal(a):
> You can easily up the maximum open file descriptor limit from the
> default of 1024 with `ulimit -n some_large_value` in the script used
> to start varnish (must be done as root). Varnish should cope fine with
> a large number of connections.
> Laurence

We already did but that is not a solution... with ses_timeout set to 1s
varnish scales nice till 10K established connection but then performance
drops. Our estimation of number of clients is between 180K to 250K each
hiting our servers at least every 7 seconds ( ajax live data update) + x
request when they click on anything... we serve that traffic by 4
loadbalanced varnish servers but with keepalive on its not possible, in
peak rates we get around 8K established connection per server even with
keepalive off (Connection: close header) but there is that problem with
IE6 that blocks us.

Vaclav Bilek

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