VUG1 meeting resport

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Wed Sep 23 13:30:50 CEST 2009

I thought I would drop you a short report on our "Varnish User
Group" meeting this monday and tuesday in London.

About a dozen people participated, filling the meeting room Canonical
Software kindly provided to us for free.

Obviously, my "TODO" list grew continuously during the meeting but
it was my impression that everybody got something out of the meeting,
but on that I will let people speak for themselves.

We talked about a lot of things, and the result is more or less a
sort of a roadmap, but I need to do some text-procesing before
I can give a coherent view of it.

My personal impression was that the "user group" format worked out
well, we are not a big enough community to do actual conferences yet.

I also think most of the knowledge that needs to be shared, are in
the brains of everybody else than me[1].

One of the action items were to get more VCL code up on the wiki,
both snippets and complete examples, so that Varnish users can learn
and find inspiration from each other.

We talked about frequency of these meetings, and I think the overall
consensus was "no more than a couple of times every year".  There were
no clear consensus, if it would be a good idea to piggyback on
other conferences (FOSSDEM etc) to synergize travel and the end result
I think, was that whoever arranges the meeting gets to decide where
and when.

Next meeting will probably be in .NL in the feb-march time-frame.

See you there!


[1] I was the only on in the room who did not run Varnish :-)

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