Survey; how do you use Varnish?

Mark Moseley moseleymark at
Mon Feb 8 21:18:59 CET 2010

Sorry for the late reply.

1) About 200 servers

2) Averages 2500 hits/sec over the day, approx 35% hit ratio (which is
awesome for web hosting)

3) Web hosting

4) No

#1 Allow for 304 revalidation of cache content.
#2 There was an earlier reply that mentioned automatic revalidation
for warm content, i.e. after the TTL expires, leave content in cache
if it hasn't changed till some amount of time has passed. Obviously
implies #1
#3 Similarly to #2, if unallocated memory is under a certain
threshold, allow stale content to live indefinitely, which also
implies #1

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