Connections to backend not closing

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Feb 11 22:59:32 CET 2010

In message <d002c4031002101629g2c471de7w5f363b5ff1dbf485 at>, Micha
el Fischer writes:

>> After 1 day running varnish I have 140 sockets of the backend webserver
>> in FIN_WAIT2 state, this is quite a lot.

Well, yes and no.

The normal finwait2 timeout is on the order of most of a day, 60.000
seconds on FreeBSD for instance, so 140 is probably no more than
one socket every ten minutes or so.

If you look in varnishstat, does the number correlate to the 
"Backend Conn." activity counters in any way ?

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