Child panics on OpenSolaris

Nils Goroll slink at
Wed Feb 17 11:11:33 CET 2010

Hi Poul-Henning,

> Yeah, we clearly need to improve the autocrap magic a bit to get stuff
> like this right.

Yes. I'm sorry for not having documented this a year ago. Would have saved a lot 
of pain and effort...

> I have added a runtime test now, which panics the child process if the
> errno variable is not working properly.


>> VCC_CC="exec gcc -fpic -D_REENTRANT -m64 -shared -o %o %s"
> Right now our VCC_CC default is for the sun-compiler I think ("-Kpic"),

Yes. The reason I prefer gcc is simply that SunCC is not available everywhere 
and if I understand the licence correctly, it is still only free to use for 
developers and development purposes.

> That's another piece of autocrap stuff that needs fixed...

Do you want me to do it?


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