Purging multiple requests

John Norman john at 7fff.com
Tue Jan 12 02:27:40 CET 2010


-- We would prefer not to leverage checking a lot of paths.

-- Many pages are cached for GET's.

-- In vcl_recv, we want to remove cookies and check the cache:

if (req.request == "GET") {
     unset req.http.cookie;
     unset req.http.Authorization;

BUT: Suppose the lookup results in a MISS:

Now we would like to "pass" but WITH the cookies. I.e., check the
cache without cookies; but if there's a miss, reattach them and make
the request.


Let me put this another way, describing what's happening in our code:

There are many routine server responses for which we have set caching
headers. All is beautiful.

But we have some, primarily of the form


where we would like to use the cookie to bring data into a form.

To be sure, we could check the file paths . . .

if (req.request == "GET" && req.url !~ "/edit$") {
     unset req.http.cookie;
     unset req.http.Authorization;

but we were wondering if there is a pattern to save the cookies and
then reattach them later (in vcl_miss??), and thus get the "pass" to
the backend with the cookies back on the request.


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