Varnish use for purely binary files

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rawler writes:

>So far Varnish is performing very well for us as a web server of these
>cached objects.   The connection time for an item out of Varnish is
>noticeably faster than with web servers we have used - even where the
>items have been cached.  We are mostly using 3rd party tools like
> to look at the item times.

The average workload of a cache hit, last I looked, was 7 system
calls, with typical service times, from request received from kernel
until response ready to be written to kernel, of 10-20 microseconds.

Compared to the amount of work real webservers do for the same task,
that is essentially nothing.

I don't know if that is THE best performance, but I know of a lot
of software doing a lot worse.

Try running varnishhist if you have not already :-)


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