Varnish use for purely binary files

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Tue Jan 19 00:50:41 CET 2010

> The average workload of a cache hit, last I looked, was 7 system
> calls, with typical service times, from request received from kernel
> until response ready to be written to kernel, of 10-20 microseconds.

Well that explains some of the performance difference in Varnish (in
our experience) versus web servers.

7 calls isn't much and you said MICROSECONDS.   :)

> I don't know if that is THE best performance, but I know of a lot
> of software doing a lot worse.

I haven't done the reproduceable testing to share with everyone yet.
But using 3rd party remotely hosted analysis services we know for
certain our page elements are starting faster and the average object
load time has gone down significantly.   We are using one or more of
the fast webservers and still are - just behind Varnish now :)

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